The Story Behind Three Chillies Vintage

We've tried to put our human story behind how this brand started. How did this idea for Three Chillies Vintage become a reality and why do we think sustainable fashion is so important in the world we live in right now.

So it all started with a passion for vintage clothes really. We've seen so many 'fast fashion' brands develop, expand and grow rapidly over the past decade but at what risk does this pose to the clothes industry and the planet each year? We've all done it, us included, but over time we realised that we can make a conscious choice about the clothes that we wear and the effects it can have on the planet. We'd seen some shocking statistics that over £140 million pounds' worth of fast fashion clothing is thrown away in the UK every year. This is around 350,000 tonnes of clothes that could be heading to landfill after a few wears which is detrimental to the environment. From this, we wanted to make a small difference and start to make a brand that we could be proud of. 

The name 'Three Chillies Vintage' had always stuck in my head from a conversation I had with some work colleagues about 2 years ago. My outfit that day being described as 'spicy' and using the traditional 3 tiering system you would find on supermarket food, it was decided that it was the hottest I could offer, therefore gaining the ranking 'Three Chillies'. I'm not sure even to this day if it was a compliment or a wind-up but I always thought it had a certain ring to it!

At Three Chillies Vintage we want to make sure that we are recycling these spicy garments and saving them from landfill each year. We're striving to reduce the throw-away cycle for fast fashion by helping you shop vintage and this is one small step you can take to live a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce the waste for our planet. All of our packaging is 100% biodegradable and this was so important to us from the offset.

Finally, if you do decide to purchase any of our collections or clothing from any other vintage retailers we would like to say a big thank you in advance. By pulling together and making these small changes we are all contributing to something positive in reducing waste and wearing something we can be proud of.